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the very best click tracks player for musicians
submitted by localmarketing13
If you have actually never ever played live to support (pre-recorded) tracks, it can feel like a complicated job. Here are a couple of helpful pointers and tricks to make the shift from analog to digital a bit much easier.It is extremely essential that you are comfortable playing to a click (metronome) PRIOR TO beginning to play to backing tracks. If you dont currently experiment a click, then start NOW!Make certain you have earphones, buds or in-ears so when you are running the support tracks live, so you have a direct source to the tracks and/or click.Know what you require to be the most comfy using phase. You might wish to hear just click in your earphones and have the support tracks in your wedge/monitor, or you may feel more comfortable with both track and click in your earphones, or just track. When I play live to backing tracks, I like to have click in my ears (70%) and track in my wedge (30%). Ive also had excellent success running both click and track thru a mixer put next to me, so I can control each level in my headphones rapidly and quickly.There are a range of methods to set up a live support track situation. My recommendations is to set it up so you, as the drummer, are at the controls: you start and stop the tracks, and you can change your levels in your in-ears on the fly if requirement be. Likewise, its actually crucial that you have a click noise that works for you (cowbell, wood block, etc).Know your equipment and how you have everything wired and running. When youre at a gig with backing tracks, your task is now more than a drummer, youre also an equipment tech. You have moved from analog to digital, so understand what may be the reason for any audio problems when playing the tracks live.
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