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How to make money with clickbank without a website
submitted by ElliottQma
Get my Clickbank Secret at this video to learn How To make Money with Clickbank without a websiteThe first thing you need to do is go to and create an affiliate acount for free. If you already have an account with clickbank, no need fr a second account.The next thing you want to do is to log into your clickbank account and determine which niche market and product you really want to promote.Lets say you want to promote products from the weight loss niche.You will find a product that meets the following criteria as I describe in this video. get the Hoplink of the product.Traditionally most people will start driving traffic straight to the hoplink , but that is the wrong approach and never do that.Instead you need to build a landing page related to the product and create a lead magnet ie something to give away for free edicating your prospects about the product you will like to promote.I use Clickfunnels to build a landing page . You can get a free 14 days trial here
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