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vaishno devi temple historyabout vaishno devi temple history of vaishno devi temple
submitted by DongFarwel
Epic Mahabharataha detailed mention of the Mother Goddess which shows its significance since time immemorial. The Origin of vaishno devi temple history is best characterized in this epic with reference to the Kurukshetra battle field in which both Pandavand Kaurv armed forces confronted each other. Vaishno devi temple history the portrayals clarify, Pandav warrior boss Arjun had been advised by Sri Krishna to start contemplation before the Vaishno Devi Mother to look for her approval to win fight. Arjun iniitated intercession from there on and bowed his head while droning JambookatakChityaishu Nityam Sannihitalaye that clarifies capable goddess dwelling in the sanctuary slop in a Jamboo mountain. The Jamboo in it demonstrated the present Jammu as the scientists guarantee.Vaishno devi temple history additionally looks at certainties like the signals of winning Pandavs through building tremendous sanctuaries at Kol Kandoli and Bhawan to love their appreciation for this supernatural Mother Goddess whose charm they had seen. The close-by mountain found near the Trikuta Mountain administers the Holy Cave whose five stone structures may symbolize the Pandav, clarify the analysts. Ot
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