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Aile Arasnda Full izle
submitted by KathyPydms 223 days ago (via
Fikret and Solmaz, who ended 21 years of love, have come across by chance. Solmazs daughter Zeynep, Fikret, who is afraid of everything when he decides to marry with his Adanian love, will find himself playing the role of a life. G├╝lse Birsel wrote and directed Turkish cinema in 2017, the film that strikes the film Family Between the film.
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Manu National Park Reserved Zone
submitted by KathyPydms 811 days ago (via
Manu National Park is one of the most important tropical areas in the world, located in the south eastern region of Peru between Cusco and Madre de Dios departments. In 1977 was declared by the UNESCO as Biosphere Reserve and in 1987 recognized as World Inheritance.Manu Biosphere Reserve has an immense biodiversity, with 16 different ecosystems from the Puna (Ichu Grassland) to the Lowland Forest, is possible to find different ethnic groups still without contact conserving the traditional lifestyle. At the same time is the habitat of many endangerous species, as the Giant Otters Pteronura brasiliensis, Black Caimans Melanosuchus Niger and the Rupicula peruviana; host more than 1000 bird species, 13 species of monkeys and the 10% of the existent plants of the planet.Manu National Park is for sure one of the most important lungs of the world.
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